My retail store is now closed and I am working from home on future designs.  I will be sending out an invitation to my next launch.  Do I have your email? If not, please send it to:
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  • Tired of limited choices?
  • Don't have the 'perfect body'?


  • Sick of becoming invisible in fashion stores?
  • Want a fresh approach to your wardrobe?

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Style 1. Swing coat - wool.  

All sizes


Style 2

Knee-length shirt.  Size 2


Style 3

Kaftan - All Sizes


Style 4



We are focused on assisting women to find their individual style. As we leave our youthfulness behind we don't want to dress like our mothers or our daughters!
There is a solution....... By combining Nineteen Twenties, Asian and Middle Eastern influences we have created a cocktail to dress by - giving you a relaxed confident look. A look that expresses a deep knowledge of self. It's time to enjoy, be free, and be yourself. We embrace all ages and sizes 12 to 26.
With a dream to make casual and formal wear for plus size women who want to look good and feel comfortable in their clothes, Chez opened for business over 10 years ago, designing and manufacturing in Melbourne.
Chez Statements is a quiet revolution in perfectly finished garments for people who long for clothes that fit, flatter and enhance big girls shapes and sizes. The garments are designed with interesting, humorous and subtle detail. The fabrics are soft and cool to wear for corporate, casual and celebration events. We use gorgeous buttons and beautiful trims to enhance lines and highlight your features. The sizings are tailored to flatter and accentuate real bodies.
The Chez team can also help you to build a wardrobe of pieces that enhance your colouring, form and lifestyle.
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Style 14

Over-sized zip-front top.  

All Sizes


Style 16

Over-sized cardigan.


Style 11.

Wool jacket.  Size 2-3


Style 10,

Over-sized shirt.